More Espresso - Less Depresso

Pastry Pantry

Welcome to Pastry Pantry!

We are a casual, RP-friendly social FC looking to recruit active members that like to have fun and do content together. We are open to all 18+ players, newcomers and veterans alike!

We currently host bi-weekly events for mount/weapon farming, glam-grinds, Treasure Maps, and even some Gold Saucer fun! Joining the crew means gaining an entire family of diverse individuals (with pretty diverse schedules) who are always willing to help!

Our only requirements are that you are respectful, LGBTQ+ friendly, and have a good sense of humor all around!

Member Events

Here, at Pastry Pantry, we like to ensure all of our members have the chance to experience every facet of available content. That includes the oldest (and newest) parts of the game!

We host bi-weekly content-focused events such as mount/weapon farming, dungeon glam-grinds, and Treasure Hunts! These events cover content spanning from ARR to Shadowbringers, and are hosted by multiple members of the FC to ensure everyone can participate in something.

Outside of the game, we also host Movie Nights for the whole FC (and friends) to join in our Discord Server! These are not scheduled in the same way our bi-weekly events are, and are a little more spontaneous. Movie Nights can be hosted by anyone who would like to stream!

Roleplay Events

While Pastry Pantry is a family-like FC, we are also the proud owners of Cup o' Cuddles - a comfort café where you can get your fill of your favourite comfort foods, the sweetest snacks, and also where you can pour your heart out on a caring shoulder.

We offer a multitude of cuddle-friendly, non-ERP services for those who just need to relax and vent about their day. These services include a complimentary hot chocolate, head pats, and the ear of someone who likes to listen.

**Listening/cuddle sessions are offered as "in-character" only for the softer side of character development.


Currently, Pastry Pantry makes its comfort in a small plot in the Mist. We have a busy garden plot, an open Chocobo Stable (with all of the Chocobo goodies you may need in the FC Chest), and fully available Private Chambers that all members (of any Rank) may purchase.

**Upon release of the Ishgardian Housing update, we do plan on relocating to a Medium plot in Ishgard.